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Become a 'Citizen of CANADA' by Studying at University of Saskatchewan

Admission- University of Saskatchewan, Canada

ISTEM BD is an official Recruiter for the University of Saskatchewan in Bangladesh

Science, Technology, Accounting, Business - Over 500 subjects are available

Admission Going On!!

For January, April & September-2021

*Application deadlines and country specific admission requirements:

*International viewbook:

*Covid-19 updates:


  • Full time & Part time Work Permit.
  • Permanent Resident.
  • With/Without IELTS/TOFEL/PTE.
  • Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships Between $500 - $3000 Every Year
  • No Tuition Fee Deposit!!!
  • More than 500 Science, Technology, Engineering, Business and IT related Subjects at any level
  • Credit Transfer
  • Affordable Tuition and Accommodation Fees
  • l00% Fees Refundable in case of Visa Refusal
  • Limited places for each subject area

Entry Requirements:

  • Min Qualification SSC/HSC, 0-Level/A-Level

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